What are the benefits of Fibre for me?

  • Get consistently fast speeds at home, for work or play
  • Have the entire household online at the same time
  • Access interactive educational content online
  • Make video calls over the network
  • Fast HD movie downloads
  • Livestream HD video with no buffering
  • Watch TV online

What are the benefits of Fibre?

  • Incredible speeds
  • Fibre is a much more stable and reliable service. Fibre to the home virtually eliminates most equipment issues and downtime that may be experienced over copper.
  • The lines require no upgrading and very little maintenance, unlike copper there is no resistance in the fibre optic cable so the signal can travel over long distances.
  • Fibre is glass and is neither susceptible to electrical interferences nor electromagnetic noise such as radio, motors, power lines, electric fencing or other nearby cables.
  • Clearer signal connection and better broadband connection